Kevin M Takakuwa, Frances S Shofer, Raquel M Schears

Published in The American Journal of Emergency Medicine

 January 2020


Medical cannabis is legal in 33 US states [ 1 ] but remains federally illegal. The majority of legal states require physicians to provide cannabis recommendations in order for patients to have access to it. Our primary study objective was to assess the knowledge, experience and beliefs regarding medical cannabis in US emergency medicine (EM) physicians. A secondary objective was to determine any effects based on demographic variables.


Open Access


DOI: 10.1016/j.ajem.2020.01.059


Takakuwa, K. M., Shofer, F. S., & Schears, R. M. (2020). The practical knowledge, experience and beliefs of US emergency medicine physicians regarding medical cannabis: a national survey. The American journal of emergency medicine, S0735-6757.