Delegitimizing Cannabis Because of Its Recreational Use is the Real Lie


Sherry Yafai, MD

Published in Emergency Medical News

October 2020


Five years ago, I too may have espoused opinions that medical marijuana was a lie, but after continual experiences in the ED and talking to cancer and geriatric patients, I found that Cannabis could be a tool to reduce patient suffering.

I began researching Cannabis and speaking with patients to understand more about this unusual plant, and I was compelled to change my perspective. I sincerely believe my colleagues can (and I urge them to) do the same: Listen to patients and other respected physicians who are seeing patients who use Cannabis and read the research. You may be surprised.


Open Access


doi: 10.1097/01.EEM.0000719140.02630.89


Yafai, S. (2020). Delegitimizing: Cannabis: Because of Its Recreational Use is the Real Lie. Emergency Medicine News, 42(10), 3-4.